Calcium Silica Fibre Paper SW CA 10-100

Product information

Calcium Silica Fibre SW CA 10-100 is a paper-similar product of non-combustible, inorganic filaments for heat and fire protection based on soluble fibre. The fibre is asbestos-free.

Fields of application

Calcium Silica Fibre SW CA 10-100 is used for back up insulation, for dense refractory, annealing furnace linings, stress relieving blankets, heat treating furnace linings, crude heater linings, co-generator duct linings, reusable insulating pads, expansion joints. The fibre can be pressed well during processing to the coil.

Technical data

Thickness 1 mm - 10 mm
Width 0.5 m / 1.0 m
Length 10 m / 15 m / 20 m / 25 m
Classification temperature 1200 °C


Calcium Silica Fibre SW CA 10-100 will be delivered as rolls.

Application for the industry

Our products are used by various industries worldwide.


Construction and isolation of furnaces and more

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Plant construction, heaters, electrical energy, batteries and more

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Exhaust systems, chemical & petrochemical, medicine, fuel cells and more

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Power and data cables, fire protection and more

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