SW-Safirex mica tapes for refractory cables

Product information

SW-Safirex synthetic mica tape has outstanding flame resistant characteristics (acts as fire wall) and exhibits excellent electrical insulating properties at high temperatures. Due to considerable flexibility and high tensile strength, SW-Safirex can be easily applied by high speed (up to 3,000 rpm) standard vertical or longitudinal taping equipment.

SW-Safirex is made of high-grade Phlogopite, Muscovite or synthetic mica paper impregnated with a specially developed high temperature resistant silicone resin and reinforced with a glass cloth or PE film.

Fields of application

SW-Safirex is widely used for power and control cables, instrumentation and signaling cables.

Technical data

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Application for the industry

Our products are used by various industries worldwide.


Construction and isolation of furnaces and more

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Plant construction, heaters, electrical energy, batteries and more

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Exhaust systems, chemical & petrochemical, medicine, fuel cells and more

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Power and data cables, fire protection and more

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