Mica moulded parts in electric cars

Due to its high temperature resistance and excellent electrical properties, mica is an ideal material for use in electric vehicles. Especially in the field of batteries (secondary batteries / rechargeable batteries), mica molded parts are used as heat protection in case of a so-called "thermal runaway"* and thus prevent the spread of the flame.  

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*Thermal runaway = overheating of an individual cell with possible subsequent spread to other cells, at the end of which cell ruptures and burns.


Europe's largest warehouse for mica insulating materials

With round about 300 tons permanently available mica insulating material
our high bay warehouse is probably the largest in Europe.

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Application for the industry

Our products are used by various industries worldwide.


Construction and isolation of furnaces and more

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Plant construction, heaters, electrical energy, batteries and more

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Exhaust systems, chemical & petrochemical, medicine, fuel cells and more

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Power and data cables, fire protection and more

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